Sociology and Anthropology





Research fields


Gideon Aran


Soc. Anth.

·         Social movements, sects, ideological and charismatic groups

·         Fundamentalism: religious-political radicalism

·         Contemporary Jewish-Zionist mythology

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Victor Azarya



Soc. Anth

·         State-society relations in Africa

·         Political sociology

·         Urban ethnic communities

·         Pilgrimage to holy places

·         Religion and community in Jerusalem

·         Nomads and the state in Asia and Africa

·         Ethnicity, democracy and civil society in Africa

·         Non-agricultural occupations in rural Africa

·         Ethnicity and conflict management

·         Armed forces and society

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Eyal Ben-Ari


Soc. Anth.

·         Japanese society and culture

·         Early childhood education in Japan

·         Israeli urban processes

·         Anthropology of administration

·         The Israeli army

·         Military sociology in Israel

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Nachman Ben-Yehuda


Soc. Anth


·         Deviance: deviant sciences and scientists; drug abuse; politics and deviance; Haredi deviance

·         Magic and witchcraft

·         Political assassination

·         Cultural criminology, deception, betrayals

·         The Masada myth

·         World War II submarine warfare

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Yoram Bilu


Soc. Anth


·         Psychological and psychiatric anthropology

·         Culture and psychiatry

·         Folk religion

·         Moroccan Jews

·         Messianism

·         Religion and mental health

·         Children's dreams of the Arab-Israeli conflict

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Ronit Eisenbach



Soc. Anth.

·         Applied statistics

·         Teaching statistics without statisticians

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Tamar El-Or


Soc. Anth

·         Anthropology: gender, women, religion, literacy

·         Gender and orthodoxy among Orthodox women of Sephardi origin

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Michal Frenkel


Soc. Anth

·         Sociology of organizations and economic sociology, with emphasis on Israeli society

·         Globalization of management practices

·         Work-family practices of organizations and individuals

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Harvey Goldberg



Soc. Anth

·         Jewish communities in North Africa through ethnographic reconstruction

·         Ethnic identity and cultural diversity in Israeli society

·         Anthropology and Jewish studies

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Yehuda Goodman


Soc. Anth.

·         Identity politics

·         Anthropology of religion

·         Ultra-orthodox (Haredi) Jews

·         Therapeutic professions

·         Culture and politics

·         Soldiership, morality and politics in the context of the conflict

·         The politics of Jewish conversion in Israel

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Zali Gurevitch


Soc. Anth.

·         Phenomenology of conversation

·         Symbolic interaction

·         Selfhood and otherness

·         Social psychology

·         Anthropology of place

·         Sociology of art

·         Poetry, language and culture

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Eva Illouz


Soc. Anth.

·         Sociology of culture and emotions

·         The role of culture in social action

·         The history of emotional life

·         The impact of knowledge systems of emotions

·         Cultural critique applied to art and popular culture

·         The role of technology in social and cultural change

·         Consumer society and media culture

·         The moral meaning of modernity

·         The impact of capitalism on the cultural sphere

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Israel Katz


Soc. Anth.

·         Group and inter-group processes

·         Social anthropology

·         Change and transformation processes

·         Consultation, guidance and organizational processes

·         Psychoanalysis, postmodernism and the individual in his work

·         Management, authority and leadership

·         Organizational consulting as an emerging profession

·         Inducing change in education systems

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Aziza Khazzoom


Soc. Anth.

·         Race, ethnicity, and gender issues

·         Racial/ethnic formation in Israel in the 1950s

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Barbara Okun


Soc. Anth.


·         Fertility and family planning

·         Marriage patterns

·         Social demography of Israel

·         Historical demography

·         Demographic methods

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Amalya Oliver-Lumerman


Soc. Anth.

·         Intellectual capital transactions

·         Modes for technology transfer

·         Trust and new organizational forms and cognitive maps  in inter-organizational networks research

·         The institutional context of the biotechnology industry

·         Scientific entrepreneurship

·         The history of women in the Israeli workforce

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Luis Roniger



Soc. Anth.


·         Comparative and historical sociology

·         The interface of culture and political sociology

·         Latin American societies

·         The legacy of human rights in re-democratized Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

·         Collective identities and the structuring of public spheres

·         Latin American political exiles

·         Individualism, globalization and the transformation of public culture

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Jonah Schellekens


Soc. Anth.


·         Historical demography of Western Europe

·         Population processes in Israel

·         Fertility decline in developing countries

·         Religion and demography

·         The demographic transition among Israeli Arabs

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Vered Vinitzky-Seroussi


Soc. Anth.

·         Deviance and social control

·         Collective memory and commemoration

·         Gender

·         Narrative and identity in post-modern society

·         Sociology of court rooms

·         Social control in everyday life

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Michael Shalev


Soc. Anth.

·         The political economy of economic and social policy in Israel and OECD bloc.

·         Labor and political economy in Israel

·         Liberalization and change in the political economy of Israel

·         50 years of working women in Israel

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Boas Shamir


Soc. Anth.

·         Organizational behavior

·         Leadership in organizations

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Nurit Stadler


Soc. Anth.

·         Sociology and anthropology of religion

·         Charismatic movements

·         Text-based communities

·         Cultural theory and hermeneutics

·         Ultra-Orthodoxy in Israel

·         Qualitative methods in sociology and anthropology

·         Fundamentalism and secularism: religious struggle in the global present

·         ZAKA: (Disaster Victim Identification teams) – Unique Haredi organization or a new militaristic model?

·         Ultra-orthodox views of military service in Israel

·         Cults of the Virgin Mary

·         Religion and economic life

·         New Age movements

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Guy Stecklov


Soc. Anth.


·         Population and development

·         Intergenerational transfers in developing countries

·         The relationship between economic inequality and demographic outcomes in poor countries

·         Muslim fertility in Israel

·         Socioeconomic status and fertility in less developed countries

·         Mexican migration studies

·         Health inequality

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Gad Yair


Soc. Anth.


·         Sociological theory

·         Sociological theories of education

·         Social inequality in education

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Alexander Weinreb


Soc. Anth.

·         Data collection methods

·         Socio-cultural consequences of AIDS

·         Theories and measurement of social interaction

·         Inequality in developing countries

·         Family, kin and clan

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Pop -             Population Studies

Psych -          Psychology

Social -          Faculty of Social Sciences

Educ -            Education

Span-Lat -      Spanish and Latin American Studies