Communication & Journalism





Research fields


Menahem Blondheim


Comm. & J


         Communication technologies, old and new.

         Communications in history and the history of communications.

         Communications in Jewish civilization: past and present

         American history in the 19th century

         American Jewish history

         Intersectional communications in the American Civil War

         Challenges in patient-focused communication between medicine and Jewish law

         The role of communication in holding the Diaspora together

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Paul Frosh


Comm. & J

         Visual communication, especially photography

         Advertising and consumer culture

         Communication theory


         Cultural production

         New media and digital technologies

         Advertising practices, commercial epistemologies and the construction of the Israeli consumer

         National crisis and the representation of civil society Israeli television news coverage of suicide bombings

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Tamar Liebes


Comm. & J

         Encoding and decoding of television news and fiction

         Soap opera in cross-cultural perspective

         The Arab-Israeli conflict (and reconciliation) on TV and in the press

         The practices of new genres; news, talkshows, media events, disaster marathons

         Journalistic norms and ethics

         Children and adolescents in the changing media environment in Israel

         Gender and identity in European soap operas

         Media coverage of election campaigns in Israel

         War in the new media ecology

         Interviewing the enemy

         Israel radio and the construction of cultural identity

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Nir Lilach


Comm. & J


         Public opinion and communication

         Political psychology

         Deliberation and public opinion quality

         Mass media affects on political attitudes, beliefs, and behavior

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Ifat Maoz


Comm. & J

         Processing of social information in communication, attitude change, conflict resolution, peace-building, reconciliation aimed dialogues, evaluation of inter-group contact interventions, interactions and communication between groups in conflict, perceptual and cognitive biases in conflict.

         Effects of planned Jewish-Arab encounters on inter-group attitudes

         Foundations of Jewish-Israeli attitudes on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

         Social justice and equality in Jews-Arab inter-group interaction.

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Raya Morag


Comm. & J

         Cinema: aesthetics of the cinema; the "new German" cinema.

         Neo-Marxism and popular cinema

         War, trauma and cinema: Vietnam; Pan-Chinese cinema.

         Introduction to visual culture

         Ethno-religious conflicts in contemporary cinema

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Amit Pinchevski


Comm. & J

         Philosophy and theory of communication

         Communication and ethics

         Contemporary continental philosophy

         Communication technology

         Witnessing and media

         Collective memory through practices of commemoration

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Aner Preminger


Comm. & J

         Practical experience in directing; The film industry

         French cinema the new wave

         History of cinema

         Charlie Chaplin

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Esther Schely-Newman


Comm. & J

         Interpersonal communication

         Construction of life histories

         Women and literacy

         Hebrew literacy and becoming Israeli

         Gossip in the media

         Folklore in academe

         Israeli modes of speaking

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Jacob Shamir


Comm. & J

         Public opinion

         Political communication

         Mass media effects and persuasion

         Mass media as social institutions

         Quality assessment of Israeli television

         The Joint Israeli-Palestinian Survey Project

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Tamir Sheafer


Comm. & J Polit.


         Political communication

         Media legitimacy and electoral success of political actors

         Political waves and their construction

         Charismatic skills of political actors

         Media and political campaigns

         Personalization of politics and the media in Israel

         The media and public diplomacy

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Gadi Taub


Comm. & J PP


         Contemporary Israeli society and culture

         Influence of American ideas on Israel

         Individualism and society

         American history

         Philosophical pragmatism



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Gadi Wolfsfeld


Comm. & J Polit.


         Political communication

         Political behavior

         Research methods in the social sciences

         The role of the media in the peace processes: from the Middle East to Northern Ireland

         News about the Other in Israel and Jordan

         The struggle over Palestinian media frames

         Israeli Arabs and the Israeli press

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Americ -            American Studies

PP -                  Public Policy

Polit -                Political Science